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Winter Is Coming Again.

29 Jul 2018

I read today that NWS (National Weather Service) is predicting a chance of snow/rain for tomorrow on the continental divide. Well, we have had snow in July before here, but still. I notice the climate change deniers often get a rant going about these things. But do you ever hear them rant about a heat wave in Jan or Feb? Nope. (I'm done now.)

Smaller on the Inside/Bigger on the Outside

21 July 2018

I was watching a Dr. Who Christmas Special today and had this thought: Dr. Who, and all visitors, are smaller on the inside, bigger on the outside.
Given that all observations are relative to the frame of the observer ("special relativity"), when a being enters the TARDIS, he is bigger than when he was on the outside. When a being steps out of the TARDIS, he is smaller than when he was on the inside. Just saying.

Thorium Based Nuclear Reactor

16 Feb 2018

Thorium based nuclear fuel cycle and thorium based nuclear reactor have been known about since the 1960s. In the words of Moir and Teller, 2005 " ...this was an excusable mistake." Perhaps so. But more importantnly, this technology is capable of disposing of existing, dangerous nuclear warheads and moving the world towards Global Zero. So why don't we get a show on the road?

Data Protection / Data Security

15 Feb 2018

The recent GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation in Europe requires a company of more than 9 IT employees to have a DPO, Data Protection Officer. This type of regulation in the US/Canada/Mexico seems unlikely anytime soon. Still, small office and home office companies should be thinking along the same line. The fact is, there are hackers trying to get your data.

The Problem with the Laffer Curve

14 Feb 2018

The problem with the Laffer curve is really the way the GOP uses it. The curve itself makes sense. But if you are on the right side of the curve (too much taxation) moving further right leads to disastrous consequences. If you are on the left side (too little taxation) moving further left also leads to disastrous consequences.

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Home/SOHO Computer Maintenance

10 Feb 2018

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Winter Is Coming

2 Feb, 2018

Actually, winter is going. In 6 weeks. Per Punxsutawney Phil. But winter weather is finally starting to get consistent from the point of view of a very avid alpine/back counter skier. So yea! to that. :-)

Jump down, Spin around, Pick a bale of cotton

5 Jan, 2018

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