The Problem with the Laffer Curve

14 Feb 2018
The problem with the Laffer curve is really the way the GOP uses it. 
The curve itself makes sense. But if you are on the right side of 
the curve (too much taxation) moving further right leads to disastrous 
consequences. If you are on the left side (too little taxation) moving 
further left also leads to disastrous consequences. The GOP seems 
foolishly inept at realizing the situation. 

What is needed is in fact a macro-economics model that includes deficits, 
debts and distribution of wealth amongst other factors. But in the mean 
time, can someone please explain to these idiots that we are left of 
center on the Laffer curve and moving further left does no good? We were, 
by all assessments left of the center with Reagon, who realized it and 
wisely moved back to the right. Bush 43 foolishly moved us to the left, 
with disastrous consequences. As Reagan might have sighed: "Now here we 
go again."
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